Natsir Eco School

Program title: Natsir Eco School

Program Base: Randanan Village, Rembon, Tana Toraja

Period: 2019

Target Beneficiaries: Natsir Eco School’s Teacher

Description : Through collaboration with PT. Pertamina, Widya Erti Indonesia is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly education at Natsir Eco School. The education development is carried out through increasing capacity of managers and teachers as well as strengthening the Natsir Eco School institution. Some of the activities carried out to achieve these goals include training for curriculum development and learning plans ; teaching technique training ;  institutional strengthening through the creation of foundation for The Natsir Eco School. The impact of Natsir Eco School program is the existence of an English education curriculum based on tourism and the environment ; 8 teachers and managers of Natsir Eco School have been trained and are able to understand the curriculum and also able to make learning plans for teaching and learning activities ; and the indirect impact is around 80 students of Natsir Eco School in nearby villages receive English lessons based on tourism and the environment.