Umbu Darma’s Story

“From the agricultural sector, the perceived change is related to the use of fertilizers, which initially used chemical fertilizers, now switch to using natural materials as materials for making liquid organic fertilizers and solid organic fertilizers (compost). Then from the business sector, with the strengthening and assistance from the WEI, there is an increase in creativity, especially for cake sellers in processing local ingredients in the village to be processed into products that have a selling value.”

Juliono’s Story

“After attending the oil palm field school, I learned a lot about how to maintain a garden. For example, fertilization that used to be done by sowing, is now planted or buried in the ground, then I rarely use grass poison or herbicides. A significant increase in yield was also felt, usually 1 hectare only produces 500 kg, now it is in the range of 700-1000 kg / hectare, this has an effect on increasing income by 70-90%.’’