Extension Services Program in South Sumatra

Program Title: Extension Services Program – Musim Mas

Program Base: Berlian Makmur Village, Banyu Asin Regency, South Sumatra Province

Year Launched/Period: January – December 2018

Target Beneficiaries: Smallholders farmers in Berlian Makmur Village

Primary Issues: Good Agricultural Practices, Financial Literacy


Since 2004, the community of Berlian Makmur village, or known as C2 transmigration area, has begun to cultivate oil palm. Even though they own plasma plantations and can enjoy the production of their own oil palm plantations independently, the farmers do not have knowledge about oil palm tree cultivation and only rely on the experience of friends and relatives for their oil palm tree cultivation. Because of the lack of knowledges, the maintenance is not right and the way of fertilizing for the plants is not on target, so the result is not optimal. Through the ESP – Musim Mas Program, farmers were given technical training in oil palm tree cultivation using the Farmer Field School (FFS) for Oil Palm.

After the technical problems solved with FFS, there is another difficulty from farmers is to get chemical fertilizer. After discussed together with FFS participants, we have concluded that farmers’ financial management was not good and never got training for financial household.


Targeted output:

  • Improve the way of cultivating according to the needs of the plant and practicing Good Agricultural Practicing for oil palm cultivation
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of smallholders to compete with local and non local markets
  • Increase production of the oil palm plant to increase the income of smallholders’ families
  • Smallholders able to manage their finances



  • Number of beneficiaries reached: 70 farmers in Berlian Makmur Village
  • Number of area coverage: 1 village with 13.46 km
  • Number of product distributed: 2 workshops (FFS Training & Financial Literacy Training)


Key Funders & Partners:

  • PT Musim Mas
  • Daemeter Consulting