Membumi Campaign

Garbage has become a complex environmental problem in various regions in Indonesia. Not only in urban areas, but the waste problem is also often rooted in rural areas. Various legal instruments related to waste and its management will not change the situation if there is no real action to switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The #MembumiBersamaWEI campaign invites the public to re-implement the earth-caring lifestyle, which is an environmentally friendly lifestyle and in synergy with nature. No matter the strata and layers, as long as humans are still on earth, the lifestyle that should be applied is the earth-caring lifestyle to protect & care for the planet and other living creatures.

Through the #MembumiBersamaWEI campaign, we are committed to taking real action in reducing plastic waste by echoing the movement to use environmentally friendly drinking bottles/eco-bottles. This movement is expected to be adopted as a lifestyle that grows among the community to create healthy earth.

The #MembumiBersamaWEI logo is visualized with a shady tree covered with leaves in the shape of a plastic bottle. As the saying goes “What we sow, we reap”, this logo is a representation of people’s lifestyles that do not dispose of and manage waste properly, so that it will reap a bad impact.

We also invite you to start taking part in reducing plastic waste through various activities that you can access on our social media pages. For further information, please contact

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