Widya Erti Indonesia is a foundation working in the social sector with the focus on human resource capacity building.

The foundation was established on September 29, 2014, in front of Notary Maria Gunarti, SH. M.Kn. by community and social observers who have been working in community empowerment and education sectors in Indonesia since 1980s, Ir. Handoko Widagdo MA. and Edy Dwi Hartono, Sp.

Widya Erti Indonesia is affiliated with World Education.Inc, in which all activities from concept to implementation are conducted by Widya Erti Indonesia team. The basis of this foundation is education and sustainable community development activities, integrated with programs of Widya Erti Indonesia resulting in a synergized implementation process.


Building Indonesian People Through Efforts In Sustainable Community Development and Education


  • Creating learning opportunities for public or marginalized people
  • Creating opportunity on quality education in Indonesia
  • Improving quality of human resources with gender perspective
  • Building active partnership with key stakeholders
  • Taking part in encouraging the active role of stakeholders for sustainable environmental governance

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